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Ligament Injury from Car Collisions

We see lots of auto injury patients in our Harrisburg, PA office, and neck soreness is the most common issue we've come across in our office. It's not unusual when you consider that your neck is vulnerable to very high levels of strain during a crash.

Indeed, a 2006 study found that the forces on your neck during a rear-end collision actually pull and damage the ligaments of your cervical spine!

The key to effective treatment after an auto injury is to:

  • Get early treatment. It's important to repair spinal motion before scar tissue begins to form.

  • Keep the damaged area mobile. Restricting movement also results in scar tissue development.

  • Encourage recovery. Chiropractic manipulations help to increase blood flow to the wounded area, boosting the rehabilitation process.


If you live in Harrisburg, PA and you've been hurt in a car accident, give our office a call today at (717) 657-2561. We'll locate the starting point of your pain and help you get back on the road to health!

Tominaga Y, Ndu AB, Coe MP, et al. Neck ligament strength is decreased following whiplash trauma. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2006;7:103.

June 17, 2015

Dr. Blake

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