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Is Chiropractic Safe

Harrisburg, PA chiropractorQuite a few people in Harrisburg, PA have never seen a chiropractor, and if you yourself have never received a chiropractic adjustment, you most likely have a lot of questions about how chiropractic actually works and how it can help you improve your overall health.

One of the most common questions we hear from new patients is: "Is chiropractic safe?"

First, there are about 60,000 chiropractic physicans in the USA and these professionals see about 30 million patients. If each person sees their doctor three times a year, that's about 90 million chiropractic adjustments each year in the country. If chiropractic wasn't safe, we'd certainly be hearing about it the news.

Second, there's real scientific information that shows that chiropractic is safe. The esteemed medical journal Spine published an article in 2013 that examined 183 individuals in Australia. 92 of the people received some chiropractic adjustments; the other 91 people received a faux adjustment. The investigators had all of the test subjects complete a questionnaire asking about any side effects that they might have experienced.

They observed that there were "no serious adverse events" from chiropractic. Some people did report muscle stiffness or a slight increase in pain right after the adjustment, but these were transitory.

Even the AMA advises that patients see a chiropractor before undergoing more invasive procedures, like surgery. In 2013, the Canadian Family Physician endorsed chiropractic care for pregnant women who want to avoid medications. Moreover, many of our patients bring their children in for chiropractic care and some research indicates that it can bebeneficial for colic in babies.

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