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17 January 2022

Chiropractic Helps Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Harrisburg natural carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery by Blake Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. Call our office today at (717) 657-2561 for more information.

03 January 2022

Effective Back Pain Treatment

Harrisburg back pain treatment by Blake Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. See how we can help you recover from back problems.

20 December 2021

Back Pain and Car Crashes

Back pain is a common problem we see in our Harrisburg office in patients after a car crash. See how Blake Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can help you...

06 December 2021

Relief from Asthma with Chiropractic

Blake Chiropractic & Rehabilitation treats asthma patients in Harrisburg with all-natural chiropractic care.

15 November 2021

Studies Confirm that Chiropractic is Safe

Numerous studies find that chiropractic is safe. See how Blake Chiropractic & Rehabilitation can help you improve your health with chiropractic care.

Latest Posts
Back Pain and Car Crashes