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Functional Chiropractic Neurology

Your Harrisburg Functional Chiropractic Neurology Provider

Although most people think of chiropractors as dealing only with the discs and vertebrae in your spine, Dr. Blake is also a Functional Chiropractic Neurologist. What is that and how does it benefit you and your family?

Functional Chiropractic Neurology Defined

A Functional Chiropractic Neurologist is a chiropractor who has engaged in post-doctorate training to treat issues that arise in your nervous system. This includes conditions such as traumatic brain injury, headaches and migraines, dizziness or vertigo, balance and movement disorders, thyroid conditions, diabetic neuropathy, post-stroke treatment, and various spinal cord injuries, just to name a few.

As a Functional Chiropractic Neurology provider, Dr. Blake can also assist people who struggle with autism and dyslexia, as both of these conditions are related to nervous system function. What benefits does this type of treatment provide?

Benefits of Seeing a Functional Chiropractic Neurology Provider

One of the great benefits that Harrisburg patients receive when seeing a functional chiropractic neurology doctor is that the treatments are all-natural. This means not taking medications that often have adverse side effects and not subjecting yourself to treatments that may potentially do more harm than good.

Another advantage of choosing this form of treatment is that it is based on holistic healing. This means that the goal of functional chiropractic neurology is not just to treat the neurologic problem or symptoms, but also to help your whole body heal. The end result is usually longer lasting and possibly even prevention or alleviation of future neurological issues.

Functional Chiropractic Neurology is Good for Kids

Functional chiropractic neurology has been deemed appropriate for both adults and children alike. In fact, The Conde Center for Chiropractic Neurology states that "it’s just as important or even more important for a child to have a correctly aligned and properly functioning spine as they develop. This will ensure that the child does not develop any scoliotic curvatures and that there neurology is functioning properly." In other words, children who engage in this type of treatment generally have better protection of their spine and nervous system.

If you are in the Harrisburg area and want to find out if functional chiropractic neurology is right for you, just call and schedule an appointment today. Your health is our priority!

June 17, 2015

Dr. Blake

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