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Harrisburg, PA Whiplash Injury Treatment and Early Intervention

Dr. Blake in Harrisburg, PA has been helping people with car crash related pains since 1983, and knows the importance of early assessment.

In the aftermath of an auto collision, it's common for people to wait to get treatment. Most people think, "I'll just wait to see how I feel next week." This mindset can be a blunder.

A variety of medical studies have found that when a patient gets quick treatment after a wreck, they have a better end result than those people who wait to get treatment.

During a crash, the tissues of your neck can be stretched or damaged. You might not feel soreness right away. But as the tissues become irritated and inflamed, people often get up the next day sore and with a stiff neck.

Soreness and stiffness are signs of damage to the ligaments and muscles of your spine. The body's reaction to injury is to limit activity and to heal the injury by sending white blood cells to the area. Your body will then start repairing the damaged area by laying down scar tissue.

The trouble with scar tissue is that each joint in your spine has a fairly restricted range of motion. Scar tissue reduces that mobility even more, and if you don't receive proper chiropractic care, that can result in permanently restricted mobility, chronic pain, and even spinal degeneration of the joints.

Receiving prompt treatment will break up this pattern by enhancing mobility in the injured region and by protecting against the formation of scar tissue.

If you've been in a crash, it's critical that you see a health care provider right away to be checked out and to begin the process of recovery.

If you have been in an auto collision, Dr. Blake is here in Harrisburg, PA to help. We can work to pinpoint the underlying source of your pain and develop a plan of action to help you reclaim your health. We have helped many people in Harrisburg, PA recover from these sorts of problems since 1983 and we might be able to help you, too!

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Harrisburg, PA Whiplash Treatment and Back Pain

Many folks report back problems after an auto collision.

A 2002 study carried out by researchers at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine investigated the biomechanics of lumbar spine injury from rear-end collisions and discovered that the car seat is very likely the root cause in these kinds of injuries.

Your spine has a natural curved shape that absorbs shocks and stress and at the same time allows freedom of movement.

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of different designs of car seats with unique forms, covers, stiffnesses and geometries. If your carseat doesn't conform to your spinal column precisely, the violent acceleration of the car seat during a wreck can cause some parts of your spinal column to shift more than other parts.

This shearing movement can pull or rip the ligaments of your spinal column, producing discomfort, irritation, scar tissue, nerve injury, and even long-term damage.

Chiropractic is a tried and tested, successful way to help people with back pain, and we've been helping back pain patients in Harrisburg, PA since 1983.

If you have been in an auto collision and have symptoms of back pain, Dr. Blake is here to help. We can help pinpoint the underlying cause of your problem and formulate a treatment plan to help you restore your health. We've helped many patients in Harrisburg, PA heal from these types of injuries.

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Top 10 Benefits of Chiropractic Care - Harrisburg, PA

We've worked with thousands of patients at our Harrisburg, PA clinic over the years, and we've helped patients heal from a wide array of health issues. Dr. Blake sees back pain, sciatica, headache, auto injuries, and many other musculoskeletal pain issues every week. We're proud of the fact that our patients get great relief from the work we do.

Regrettably, too many people today don't understand how great chiropractic is and how it can help them heal, and we're always trying to spread the word about the merits of chiropractic.

Recently, we came across this great post that covers some of the most important chiropractic studies from 2013.

If you haven't been to a chiropractor before, it's useful for you to know that there are lots of research studies that have proven the advantages of chiropractic. In fact, the AMA itself recommends chiropractic first for back pain, and many medical doctors refer their patients to chiropractors.

Before you resort to drugs or surgery for your pain, try chiropractic. We'd be delighted to consult with you and discuss how we can help you get out of pain. Give Dr. Blake at our Harrisburg, PA office a call today at (717) 657-2561 to set up an appointment.


Chiropractic Beneficial for Seniors with Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common symptoms we see in our Harrisburg office. Often, neck pain results from auto injuries, but sometimes the origins of the neck symptoms might not be related to trauma. No matter what the cause, we find that our chiropractic approach really works for our patients and they agree!

A recent study from Spine Journal confirms what we've seen in our office: chiropractic works for treating neck pain.

In this study, researchers looked at 241 patients who were over 65 years old and who suffered from chronic neck pain. The patients were divided into three groups: one group received chiropractic adjustments with home exercises, another group received supervised exercises with additional home exercises, and the third group just did home exercises.

After 12 weeks of treatment, over 60% of chiropractic patients had at least a 75% improvement in pain, compared to approximately 25% of patients in the supervised exercise group, and nearly 20% of the home exercise-only group.

This study is very important, because staying active as we get older is so important for our physical and mental health, and chiropractic provides a way to keep your spine healthy and flexible. Another recent study found that chiropractic care is great at helping us keep moving as we get older.

If you suffer from neck pain and want to get back to your pain-free life, we can help. Give our office a call today at (717) 657-2561 for an appointment or for more information.

Maiers M, Bronfort G, Evans R, et al. Spinal manipulative therapy and exercise for seniors with chronic neck pain. Spine Journal 2014;14(9):1879-1889.


Harrisburg, PA Whiplash Injury

More than one million people are injured in rear-end collisions every year in the US, and a significant percentage of whiplash cases contribute to pain for years or even decades. The good news is that chiropractic has been found to be a highly effective way to care for whiplash injuries and prevent chronic pain. Dr. Blake has helped many Harrisburg, PA, residents who have experienced an auto injury and we may be able to help you, too!

A 1996 British study sums up the challenge:

"The 'whiplash' syndrome is a collection of symptoms produced as a result of soft-tissue injury of the cervical spine. The accumulated literature suggests that 43 percent of patients will suffer long-term symptoms following 'whiplash' injury. If patients are still symptomatic after three months then there is almost a 90 per cent chance that they will remain so. No conventional treatment has proven to be effective in these established chronic cases."

The authors of this study examined the advantages of chiropractic in 28 individuals with chronic whiplash pain. The patients were referred to the doctor of chiropractic an average of 15.5 (range, 3-44) months after the accident, and were questioned before treatment by both an independent chiropractor and an orthopedic physician. The patients were assigned to one of four classification groups: A - No symptoms; B - Symptoms are a nuisance; C - Symptoms are intrusive; and, D - Symptoms are disabling. The initial evaluation placed 27 of the 28 patients in groups C or D.

"Following treatment, 26 (93 per cent) of the patients had improved: 16 by one symptom group and 10 by two symptom groups. This improvement was independent of whether it was assessed by an orthopaedic surgeon or a chiropractor. In the group that had improved, 17 had stopped their treatment at the time of assessment; symptoms had recurred to a minor degree in four (24 per cent) of these patients and they were considering further treatment."

This affirms what we find in our clinic here in Harrisburg, PA, #State#. Chiropractic care is a great method that may help you recover from auto injuries and reduce chronic pain and disability.

Don't suffer with old or recent auto accidents! We have been helping auto injury patients in Harrisburg, PA since 1983. Call our clinic today at (717) 657-2561 to see how we can help you.

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Headache and Chiropractic in Harrisburg, PA

Headache pain is a very frequent complaint that we see daily in our clinic in Harrisburg, PA. Experts estimate that over 70% of people suffer from frequent headache pain, so if you suffer too, you're not alone.

Headaches can have a variety of causes. It can stem from stress, traumas, poor posture, or just everyday activities. Dr. Blake has helped many patients in Harrisburg, PA recover from chronic headaches, and we can most likely help you too.

First, we'll do a detailed check-up to ascertain the root reason of your headache pain. Next, using a range of methods, we'll help reestablish your spine's normal functioning to reduce strain on your body and nervous system. Most of our patients see a rapid improvement in their signs or symptoms.

If you are near our clinic in Harrisburg, PA and you suffer the pain of chronic headaches, give our office a call at (717) 657-2561 today to make an appointment or get more information.


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Harrisburg, PA Whiplash Injury Therapy and Shoulder Pain

Shoulder discomfort is a problem reported by many auto collision patients, and there are two common explanations.

The first is direct injury to the shoulder during the crash. If your shoulder strikes something directly, it can damage the joint capsule. Also, if you are gripping the steering wheel firmly during a rear-end crash, your torso can lag behind the car, putting strain on your wrists and shoulders.

The second cause of shoulder pain is less straightforward and can be tougher to identify. Shock to the neck or back can create tension on the nerve fibers that travel from the spine to your shoulder, arm, and hands. This can be perplexing, as the painful sensation or numbness is sensed in one part of your body, while the problem is actually in your spine.

Chiropractic care is a proven, reliable way to help people with shoulder problems, and we've been helping these types of injuries in Harrisburg, PA since 1983.

If you've been in an auto collision and have symptoms of shoulder injury, Dr. Blake is here to help. We can help identify the underlying source of your problem and develop a plan of action to help you restore your health. We've helped many patients in Harrisburg, PA heal from these sorts of problems.

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6 Perks of Regular Chiropractic Care

Most people are aware of the fact that chiropractic care can help minimize back pain. Still, there are some perks of visiting a chiropractor consistently that are less well-known. These advantages may just improve your life and overall well-being.

Positive aspects of chiropractic medicine include:

  1. It promotes natural healing. While most other treatments include the use of medications and potentially surgery or injections, chiropractic medicine encourages your body in treating itself naturally.

  2. It may boost your immunity. Studies have demonstrated that chiropractic adjustments lead to a down-regulating in pro-inflammatory cyotkines and elevate the number of antibodies present in the body which may assist immunologic function.

  3. It can minimize digestive troubles. If you have a difficult time with digestion, consistent chiropractic appointments can often ease symptoms.

  4. You sleep better. When you’re not encumbered by spinal pain, your standard of sleep improves, enabling you to feel more energized and focused.

  5. It can decrease your blood pressure. Anytime your spine is out of place, things like your blood pressure won't be maintained properly, elevating your risk of these types of health issues.

  6. It can sharpen your balance. The more durable and healthy the spine is, the easier it is to balance, potentially preventing a personal injury due to a lack of stability like a slip and fall

Experience these benefits and more when you go to Dr. Blake of Blake Chiropractic & Rehabilitation in Harrisburg, PA. Call and arrange your next visit today!


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