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Shoulder Pain and Car Accidents

We treat many car accident cases in in our Harrisburg office, and a widespread symptom we see in our patients is shoulder pain. Let's look at the root cause of shoulder pain after a car crash and see how chiropractic care can help.

There are at least two different ways that you can develop shoulder pain after a crash: by direct injury to the shoulder or by radiating pain from the neck.

Direct trauma can be caused by striking your shoulder on a hard object in the car during the crash, or can occur if you have a tight grip on the steering wheel during a rear end collision. With this type of trauma, you'll usually be aware of the pain soon after the wreck.

More frequently, Blake Chiropractic & Rehabilitation finds that shoulder or arm pain does not immediately appear after a collision, but begins a few days or weeks after the trauma. This type of shoulder pain actually starts in the cervical spine. Injured soft tissue in your neck can tweak nerves in your neck, causing tingling, numbness, or soreness in your shoulder, elbow, or wrist.

We've worked with many types of shoulder pain in our Harrisburg office. This care involves chiropractic adjustments to restore your spine's natural flexibility and exercises that strengthen your neck and shoulder.

Blake Chiropractic & Rehabilitation has been helping patients in Harrisburg since 1983, so we know what you're experiencing. We're here to help you, too. Blake Chiropractic & Rehabilitation will first determine what's causing your pain and then work to restore your body to its natural functioning. Ready to make an appointment? Give us a call at (717) 657-2561 and we'll get you back on the road to health.


Chiropractic Elevates Athletic Performance

Studies suggest that not only can chiropractic alleviate sports injuries, it may even offer you a competitive edge. A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics shows regular chiropractic neck adjustments can boost grip strength. The results could have important implications for athletes in racquet sports, martial arts, or baseball.

The report included 18 professional judo athletes who were treated with either chiropractic care or a placebo treatment. Researchers utilized a hydraulic dynamometer to gauge the force of athletes' grip strength right before and after each treatment. The authors specifically assessed grip strength since martial arts require significant upper-body strength. Care included three chiropractic neck adjustments. The patients who received chiropractic care experienced statistically significant gains in grip strength, whereas the placebo therapy did not produce significant effects. Typically chiropractic enhanced grip strength by 10 to 16 percent.

So if you’re looking to boost your athletic performance or heal from a sports injury, seeing our office in Harrisburg, PA could be your secret weapon. Dr. Blake is seasoned in working with athletes with a diverse range of ages, experience levels, and athletic focuses. Dr. Blake can work with you to correct muscle imbalances or underlying musculoskeletal concerns that could be suppressing your performance. Using exercise rehabilitation, chiropractic adjustments, and massage, our holistic chiropractic care could enable you recuperate between workouts and reduce the risk of injury. Call our office in Harrisburg, PA today for effective sports injury treatment and prevention.

Botelho, Marcelo and Bruno Andrade. Effect of Cervical Spine Manipulative Therapy on Judo Athletes’ Grip Strength. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics. 2011; 35(11): 38-44.


The Secret to Successful Back Pain Recovery in Harrisburg, PA

Do you want to know the secret of lasting back pain relief? It's not resting on your couch, aching with pain while you wait for it to get better. It's not just doing your day-to-day exercise therapy and icing. So what is it?

Physical therapies are wonderful for musculoskeletal injury, but to get the entire benefits of the stretching and strengthening exercises you're going to need to get care that corrects misalignments in the muscles plus the spine. That's where your Harrisburg, PA chiropractor, Dr. Blake, can help. If you've hurt your back, it is more than likely that you have a spinal misalignment. Stretching and conditioning your back muscles alone won't be sufficient to remedy the out-of-place vertebrae. Recent research explains why blending exercise therapy with chiropractic is so useful.

Researchers studied 49 men and women with chronic back pain who were randomly assigned to get either manual therapy or sham (placebo) treatment. Manual therapies consisted of treatments frequently employed by Dr. Blake, like spinal adjustments and chiropractic mobilization. Immediately after treatment, patients did exercises like stretching, muscle and motor control workouts, mobility workouts, and conditioning. The clients were treated eight times, with an evaluation after three and six months.

Immediately after treatment, patients treated with chiropractic plus exercise experienced greater reductions in pain compared to the placebo plus exercise group. The advantage seen in the treatment room was maintained at the three and six-month follow-up appointments. The manual therapy participants had reduced disability and a pattern of reduced pain scores compared to the placebo group. These findings indicate that a blended treatment of chiropractic and exercise could be better than exercise therapy alone for back problems.

So if you'd prefer total relief of back pain, pick up the phone and give our office in Harrisburg, PA a call. After a few visits with Dr. Blake, you'll wonder why you didn't call earlier!

Balthazard P, et al. Manual therapy followed by specific active exercises versus a placebo followed by specific active exercises on the improvement of functional disability in patients with chronic non specific low back pain: a randomized controlled trial. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2012; 13: 162.


Ligament Injury from Car Collisions

We see lots of auto injury patients in our Harrisburg, PA office, and neck soreness is the most common issue we've come across in our office. It's not unusual when you consider that your neck is vulnerable to very high levels of strain during a crash.

Indeed, a 2006 study found that the forces on your neck during a rear-end collision actually pull and damage the ligaments of your cervical spine!

The key to effective treatment after an auto injury is to:

  • Get early treatment. It's important to repair spinal motion before scar tissue begins to form.

  • Keep the damaged area mobile. Restricting movement also results in scar tissue development.

  • Encourage recovery. Chiropractic manipulations help to increase blood flow to the wounded area, boosting the rehabilitation process.


If you live in Harrisburg, PA and you've been hurt in a car accident, give our office a call today at (717) 657-2561. We'll locate the starting point of your pain and help you get back on the road to health!

Tominaga Y, Ndu AB, Coe MP, et al. Neck ligament strength is decreased following whiplash trauma. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2006;7:103.


Functional Chiropractic Neurology

Your Harrisburg Functional Chiropractic Neurology Provider

Although most people think of chiropractors as dealing only with the discs and vertebrae in your spine, Dr. Blake is also a Functional Chiropractic Neurologist. What is that and how does it benefit you and your family?

Functional Chiropractic Neurology Defined

A Functional Chiropractic Neurologist is a chiropractor who has engaged in post-doctorate training to treat issues that arise in your nervous system. This includes conditions such as traumatic brain injury, headaches and migraines, dizziness or vertigo, balance and movement disorders, thyroid conditions, diabetic neuropathy, post-stroke treatment, and various spinal cord injuries, just to name a few.

As a Functional Chiropractic Neurology provider, Dr. Blake can also assist people who struggle with autism and dyslexia, as both of these conditions are related to nervous system function. What benefits does this type of treatment provide?

Benefits of Seeing a Functional Chiropractic Neurology Provider

One of the great benefits that Harrisburg patients receive when seeing a functional chiropractic neurology doctor is that the treatments are all-natural. This means not taking medications that often have adverse side effects and not subjecting yourself to treatments that may potentially do more harm than good.

Another advantage of choosing this form of treatment is that it is based on holistic healing. This means that the goal of functional chiropractic neurology is not just to treat the neurologic problem or symptoms, but also to help your whole body heal. The end result is usually longer lasting and possibly even prevention or alleviation of future neurological issues.

Functional Chiropractic Neurology is Good for Kids

Functional chiropractic neurology has been deemed appropriate for both adults and children alike. In fact, The Conde Center for Chiropractic Neurology states that "it’s just as important or even more important for a child to have a correctly aligned and properly functioning spine as they develop. This will ensure that the child does not develop any scoliotic curvatures and that there neurology is functioning properly." In other words, children who engage in this type of treatment generally have better protection of their spine and nervous system.

If you are in the Harrisburg area and want to find out if functional chiropractic neurology is right for you, just call and schedule an appointment today. Your health is our priority!


Neck Pain Triggers and Treatments in Harrisburg, PA

Whether subtle or extreme, neck pain has the capacity to reduce your quality of life. It can darken your mood, dampen your spirit, and take the luster away from life. That is, unless you make sure to go to your Harrisburg, PA chiropractor who is here to help you recover.

What Produces Neck Pain

Many problems can contribute to pain in your neck. Being involved in a car accident can give you whiplash, as can other types of trauma to the cervical spine. Sports injuries can cause neck pain as well, leaving you tender and sore.

Having poor posture can also contribute to neck pain since the spine isn’t positioned in a way to adequately support your head. This can cause muscle strain, headaches, and dizziness, which can further reduce your quality of life.

If you carry stress and tension in your upper body it can strain the neck muscles, causing aches and soreness that extend from your shoulders to the top of your head.

Neck Pain Remedies

Luckily, consistent visits with your Harrisburg, PA chiropractor can help get rid of all of these causes of neck pain (as well as several others) and get you back to enjoying a pain-free life. Through spinal adjustments, Dr. Blake can relieve the pain that you are experiencing and guide you on the road to recovery.

Suffering from constant neck pain is no way to live. Schedule today with us in Harrisburg, PA so that you can begin being pain-free tomorrow.


Harrisburg, PA Whiplash Injury Treatment and Early Intervention

Dr. Blake in Harrisburg, PA has been helping people with car crash related pains since 1983, and knows the importance of early assessment.

In the aftermath of an auto collision, it's common for people to wait to get treatment. Most people think, "I'll just wait to see how I feel next week." This mindset can be a blunder.

A variety of medical studies have found that when a patient gets quick treatment after a wreck, they have a better end result than those people who wait to get treatment.

During a crash, the tissues of your neck can be stretched or damaged. You might not feel soreness right away. But as the tissues become irritated and inflamed, people often get up the next day sore and with a stiff neck.

Soreness and stiffness are signs of damage to the ligaments and muscles of your spine. The body's reaction to injury is to limit activity and to heal the injury by sending white blood cells to the area. Your body will then start repairing the damaged area by laying down scar tissue.

The trouble with scar tissue is that each joint in your spine has a fairly restricted range of motion. Scar tissue reduces that mobility even more, and if you don't receive proper chiropractic care, that can result in permanently restricted mobility, chronic pain, and even spinal degeneration of the joints.

Receiving prompt treatment will break up this pattern by enhancing mobility in the injured region and by protecting against the formation of scar tissue.

If you've been in a crash, it's critical that you see a health care provider right away to be checked out and to begin the process of recovery.

If you have been in an auto collision, Dr. Blake is here in Harrisburg, PA to help. We can work to pinpoint the underlying source of your pain and develop a plan of action to help you reclaim your health. We have helped many people in Harrisburg, PA recover from these sorts of problems since 1983 and we might be able to help you, too!

Call our office today at (717) 657-2561 for an appointment or for more information.


Harrisburg, PA Whiplash Treatment and Back Pain

Many folks report back problems after an auto collision.

A 2002 study carried out by researchers at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine investigated the biomechanics of lumbar spine injury from rear-end collisions and discovered that the car seat is very likely the root cause in these kinds of injuries.

Your spine has a natural curved shape that absorbs shocks and stress and at the same time allows freedom of movement.

There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of different designs of car seats with unique forms, covers, stiffnesses and geometries. If your carseat doesn't conform to your spinal column precisely, the violent acceleration of the car seat during a wreck can cause some parts of your spinal column to shift more than other parts.

This shearing movement can pull or rip the ligaments of your spinal column, producing discomfort, irritation, scar tissue, nerve injury, and even long-term damage.

Chiropractic is a tried and tested, successful way to help people with back pain, and we've been helping back pain patients in Harrisburg, PA since 1983.

If you have been in an auto collision and have symptoms of back pain, Dr. Blake is here to help. We can help pinpoint the underlying cause of your problem and formulate a treatment plan to help you restore your health. We've helped many patients in Harrisburg, PA heal from these types of injuries.

Call our office today at (717) 657-2561 for a consultation or for more advice.


Top 10 Benefits of Chiropractic Care - Harrisburg, PA

We've worked with thousands of patients at our Harrisburg, PA clinic over the years, and we've helped patients heal from a wide array of health issues. Dr. Blake sees back pain, sciatica, headache, auto injuries, and many other musculoskeletal pain issues every week. We're proud of the fact that our patients get great relief from the work we do.

Regrettably, too many people today don't understand how great chiropractic is and how it can help them heal, and we're always trying to spread the word about the merits of chiropractic.

Recently, we came across this great post that covers some of the most important chiropractic studies from 2013.

If you haven't been to a chiropractor before, it's useful for you to know that there are lots of research studies that have proven the advantages of chiropractic. In fact, the AMA itself recommends chiropractic first for back pain, and many medical doctors refer their patients to chiropractors.

Before you resort to drugs or surgery for your pain, try chiropractic. We'd be delighted to consult with you and discuss how we can help you get out of pain. Give Dr. Blake at our Harrisburg, PA office a call today at (717) 657-2561 to set up an appointment.


Chiropractic Beneficial for Seniors with Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common symptoms we see in our Harrisburg office. Often, neck pain results from auto injuries, but sometimes the origins of the neck symptoms might not be related to trauma. No matter what the cause, we find that our chiropractic approach really works for our patients and they agree!

A recent study from Spine Journal confirms what we've seen in our office: chiropractic works for treating neck pain.

In this study, researchers looked at 241 patients who were over 65 years old and who suffered from chronic neck pain. The patients were divided into three groups: one group received chiropractic adjustments with home exercises, another group received supervised exercises with additional home exercises, and the third group just did home exercises.

After 12 weeks of treatment, over 60% of chiropractic patients had at least a 75% improvement in pain, compared to approximately 25% of patients in the supervised exercise group, and nearly 20% of the home exercise-only group.

This study is very important, because staying active as we get older is so important for our physical and mental health, and chiropractic provides a way to keep your spine healthy and flexible. Another recent study found that chiropractic care is great at helping us keep moving as we get older.

If you suffer from neck pain and want to get back to your pain-free life, we can help. Give our office a call today at (717) 657-2561 for an appointment or for more information.

Maiers M, Bronfort G, Evans R, et al. Spinal manipulative therapy and exercise for seniors with chronic neck pain. Spine Journal 2014;14(9):1879-1889.